December 2020

Welcome to a special December edition of Hyperion Magazine.

Every once in a lifetime, and sometimes not even that, the world witnesses an inflection point. A time where the old falls to the wayside and the new bursts through the trees like the freckled light of a morning sun. We are on the precipice of change, heralded by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This Great Conjunction marks a fading in from materialism to a rational, culturally creative and innovative society, and is the closest since 1623.

On the day of the Winter Solstice, we make a collective statement. The new world is ripe for exploration for those embodied, with heart, mind and soul in unison.

We prepare ourselves and you the reader, for tomorrow.

This edition highlights a heavy-hitting preview of the Patchwork manifesto with a side of fifth-dimension consciousness. Familiar favourites, echoing the voice of a nation weigh in on consumerism and aligning yourself. The technological concerns of the future in augmented reality and the chaos that can ensue with its logical endpoint make a statement. We have two perspectives on the role of groups and tribe, with the nature of tribe and the inevitability of leadership discussed. Cutting closer to the wick, surviving the information war and racing to the truth leave no stone unturned. Finally, Thomas Bevan returns to spell the end of news as we know it. 

With so much value packed into this months issue, we know you will enjoy thoroughly. Imbibe, and raise a glass to a dawning of a new age.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all at Hyperion.

Adam Costello, Editor-in-Chief
Edited by Alexander Nylund

In this issue...

Navigating Chaos, Part 1

“Chaos is order yet undeciphered” – Enemy, Denis VilleneuveAs I am writing this and trying to break down the chain of associations, my mind keeps going back to the iconic scene from The Matrix...

Adapt or Die

As the world drowns in a plethora of narratives regarding the pandemic and the eventual outcome of the US election, old institutions fail to provide satisfying answers to the questions many people concern themselves...

The Patchwork Age

The following is a special preview of the Patchwork Manifesto. We are quickly moving into an era of radical freedom, where we will gradually become free of constraints that mankind has adopted since agrarian civilization...

Gambling on 5D

As many people watching me on Twitter know, I’ve been a big advocate not only of Trump, but betting on Trump. I know Trump has a “royal flush” — him appearing to be defeated is...

The Death of News

In every story of vanquishing monsters there comes a moment when the beast is seemingly slain and the hero breathes a sigh of relief. But of course they breathe it too soon and the...

The Race to the Truth

Humans are the most skillful problem solvers. It’s the trait that has placed us at the top of the food chain, the trait that will help us conquer space in the future. Yet, one...

Honor Your Luck

The word "apocalypse" means revelation. The great awakening comes from the result of revelation. It is a collective realization that what we see cannot be denied and what we once saw was not what...

The End of Consumerism

Buy and buy We buy and buy Ain't nobody buying time We spend our lives Dollars and dimes But ain't nobody buying time - Ross Ellis I was watching a Mr. Beast video with my kids today when I realized there...

Magic Words & The Tribe

Arguments with strangers on the Internet are a popular pastime these days. I’ve never been fond of them. Why argue with a stranger? Arguments can be life changing — you never know when someone will...

Confronting Hubris in Tech

You are probably aware, if you have read my previous pieces for this magazine, that I am fixated on the differences between what I call mechanistic and phenomenological worldviews. The terms did not originate...

Surviving the Information Wars

I recently read this tweet, from @XA_Alexander: Almost everyone agrees we’re in an Information War, yet almost no one discusses what that actually means at the practical day-to-day level of our lives.@XA_Alexander The “Information Wars” have...