A Year of Hyperion

One Year of Hyperion

It has been a captivating twelve months.

Hyperion began with the vision of advancing voices, to create a diverse mix of perspectives and insights so that the wider collective could benefit. It was to spearhead commentaries and views on issues and subjects close to hand and impacting people everywhere.

Our motive was to interrogate the present and the complicated world developing and unfolding before us, but also to charter an optimistic course for the future. We began this course with a physical magazine, a proof-of-concept.

Since then, the voices have changed and evolved. The benefit could not be more positive.

People have found their own unique voice, furthered their own development of their ideas, and overall, found a place where those voices can be encouraged. Hyperion Magazine is a place where all voices are encouraged.

We should all feel a sense of pride at the achievement. Whether it was one-off contributions from a wider network, or devoted regulars building on their ideas each issue, we’re working together to promote a new way of interacting.

As we review where we are, we stand grateful for the efforts and look back on the great work in a fruitful year.

The Big Movers

These posts captured something of or beyond the zeitgeist. Each with their own view of where we see the adventures and pioneers of tomorrow. From the ardent writer, to the everyman, to the sagacious prophet.

These articles lifted a fog and drew the people in.

Pushing the Envelope

These are the posts that offered something unique, a rare slice into the individual’s ability to unearth powerful realisations.

The Engineer explores the type of narrative world-bending that shows like Loki are delving into, while Objects of Power introduces a future-proofing from an anchor.

Old Wine into New Bottles is a timeless illustration of how the human condition necessitates the spiritual to ‘trend’.

Sifting for Gold

Hyperion offers a foundation for writers to develop their voice, where ideas can take shape and reach a new zenith, revealing powerful truths about the author and their direction, as well as hitting upon the important facets of the world we live in.

While those with their own audience hit the traffic highs, quality can be found in all earnest attempts to learn and grow.

These pieces showed a willingness to do just that.

Written in the Stars

An idea born from a mere suggestion, that quickly took root. Hyperion is a vote for a new tomorrow.

When we set out with this project, it was to mirror the changing times. A chorus of melodic interplay, not desultory echo chambers.

It’s telling that three articles from three separate authors have “build” in the title. Intent laid bare.

The future of Hyperion is to build on the talent that exists, and add to the contibutions with depth and variety. Familiar faces are always welcome, but the new is never to be discouraged. The power lies in our hands.

We hope you will stick with us for the evolution.

What’s Next?

If you have missed out on any great articles, visit the issues page.

If you would like to be considered for an article, get in touch with us on Twitter or use the contact form.

Thank you for everyone’s engagement, contributions and hard work this year.

In a time of tumultous upheaval, we were the North star.

Adam Costello

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