Gambling on 5D

As many people watching me on Twitter know, I’ve been a big advocate not only of Trump, but betting on Trump.

I know Trump has a “royal flush” — him appearing to be defeated is just that, appearances. This long, drawn out election is a sting operation — he caught them all — but in order to make them reveal themselves to the public, he needs to give them enough rope to hang themselves. He needs to make this victory comprehensive. Patience and deception are required.

Moreover, in order to change the system, he needs to delegitimize it in the eyes of the people. The people are seeing the courts refuse to even allow a trial of evidence — they will want to burn it all down when the hammer drops. And only from these ashes can we rebuild anew.

All of this is inevitable. As we shift into Aquarius today, the old system loses what little is left of its energetic support mechanisms. What is coming cannot be stopped.

So why not profit off of it?

This was my mindset — and as the odds ballooned to as high as 34/1, I poured money in. By the end tally, I had invested $230,000 in this escapade. The returns would be $2 million. A worthy investment, I figured — it’s rare to have this sort of information advantage over a market. And those sort of winnings would set my family’s life half a decade ahead.

It was thus “tragic” for me and my friends who followed me into the thick when these betting organizations closed the markets prematurely. “Joe Biden is the projected Electoral College winner, and the bets have been settled accordingly.” A contested election, yet before the race is finished they declare victory for one candidate? What gives?

The Gamble

I should have seen this coming, to be honest. Actually, I did — in late October I declared I wouldn’t be betting on this election, because I saw what happened in the political betting markets in 2018 and knew they’d steal it. But the possible winnings got the better of me. As the dreams of cash compounded, I was all in on Trump and the new world.

But what I didn’t understand fully was that “betting” on what’s coming is a bit of a paradox. How can you place a wager on the new world in an organization that guards the old? It’s like gambling in a casino that the casino will go bankrupt. They don’t want you to win, and will try to stop you —  but even when they lose — who pays?

My mutuals and I found ourselves in a Catch-22. Certain as ever about Trump winning, but a little less certain about getting our money. Sure, they’ll have to pay out afterwords — but what if they can’t?

And yet, something deeper had shifted.

After Election Day on November 3rd, when some betting markets were closing, I was frustrated. “They can’t do that! They’ll pay!” When the remaining ones settled after the Electoral College on December 14th, however, I almost breathed a sign of relief. “Of course it had to happen like this. All of these things must go.”

I had been gambling on 5D, but now I was finally understanding what it felt like:


Feeling Into The New World

The 3D world we’ve been living in has fundamentally been about fear and control. There is a resistance; a polarity to it. Someone takes a limited resource from you, and you need to fight them to get it back. Because the system is hijacked, life is unfair. It is a battle.

The 5D world is different. Money flows freely, and justice is an inevitability. This isn’t wishful thinking; you can feel the truth of it. Your karma determines your rewards. Profit comes from mining the gold within — metaphysically and materially.

This is a different game most people are not used to playing. Rather than chase riches, you become an attractor for them. And yet, money is hardly the end goal. It is there when it is needed. Indeed, to pursue it too eagerly when it is not required only reduces your ability to attract it.

Because in 5D, the true measure of your wealth is your alignment.

This is not a dismissal of material needs — quite the opposite. It is indeed your psychological and spiritual integration that gives you access to the divine, and the divine provides all that can be needed. You must learn to humble yourself, yet honor yourself to receive these gifts; money among them.

But in order to operate in this new and crucial way, you must learn to let go of things happening exactly when and how you want them. Every time you let go, you feel your way a little more into 5D. Every moment you ask to be of service rather than get “what you want,” you bring yourself closer to receiving what you need.

And the more you enter into this 5D way of thinking — or should I say, feeling — the better your life will get.

So raise a glass of wine with me this evening to the dawning of Aquarius — the era of 5D.

We will get our money back. How we do, is a different story entirely.

And that’s all part of the fun.

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